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Struggling with communication, infidelity, trust, co-parenting, finances, or intimacy issues… We can help!

One on one coaching is between the couple and the coach. Couples are either looking for a solution to a problem that they are having in their marriage or things are great and they are looking for ways to keep it great. These sessions are solution based focused and utilize the Prepare & Enrich Curriculum.  Sessions can be 1 hour or a 1.5 hour long.  This service can be offered face to face at the It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching office or via Skype.

Each service begins with a pre-assessment to determine your relationship needs; those needs are focused on throughout the service

~LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!! This is a much needed organization in the Charlotte community. My husband and I laughed, danced, talked and shared for the first in months! Can't wait for the next Couple’s Date Night!   -Charlotte, NC
Couples Event Participant
Charlotte, NC

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We create and facilitate Team Building, Relationship Building, Corporate Retreats and Marriage Retreats. 

Popular Speaking Topics:

  • The Superwoman Complex; But WHO is Going to Save You?
  • Love, Marriage & Commitment
  • My Children, Your Children; Mastering Blending Families
  • Entrepreneur Hang ups, Fall Outs & Raising to Success
  • Love Languages
  • Meshing Communication Styles
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Patrice Bush

Patrice Bush is the Founder and CEO of It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching, where we turn Wedding VOWS into Wedding WOWS.  It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching helps to strengthen families through Couples Coaching, Destination Marriage Retreats, Workshops, Support Groups and Speaking Engagements.  It Takes 2, has served over 850 couples from 34 U.S. States.  From 2014 – 2016 Patrice lead the dynamic radio show, Marriage Matters, with over 2 thousand listeners.  Patrice is a powerful author speaking from both academic and personal experience on relationships.  Patrice is the author of 4 life changing relationship books; Celebrate Our Love Couple’s Journal: 120 Activities to Make Connecting Fun, Repairing Your Christian Marriage, Evolve: From Heart-breaks to Hearts-Healed,  Dead Upon Arrival: Perspectives From The Marriage Coach.  She has appeared on FOX news, several radio shows across the country and she has been published in the Charlotte Parent magazine. 

Patrice has hosted over 20 Destination Marriage Retreats and over 100 local & national events for couples and families.  The It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching brand is an exclusive service and is unprecedented because it goes beyond the realm of counseling.  Patrice provides holistic services that wrap around your entire family.  


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