Private Sessions

One on one coaching is between the couple and the coach. Couples are either looking for a solution to a problem that they are having in their marriage or things are great and they are looking for ways to keep it great. These sessions are solution based focused and utilize the Prepare & Enrich Curriculum.  Sessions can be 1 hour or a 1.5 hour long.  This service can be offered face to face at the It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching office or via Skype.

It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching also offers Pre-Marital Counseling. Couples are typically looking for guidance to prepare for marriage. During these sessions we typically go finances, marital roles & responsibility, intimacy, romance & sex, co-parenting etc.

Personality Assessments can be added to any service for an additional cost. These assessments determine your personality type and your spouse’s type. You will receive a write up on how best to work together based on your personality type.

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8 Keys to a Successful Marriage

Communication – There is more to marriage than a marriage license. The marriage license is just the start of the commitment. After the marriage is official you start the REAL work of being committed to your spouse. Commitment streamlines your marriage work. It guides the decisions and choices that you make to ensure they are not just great decisions for one person but for you AND your spouse. 

Trust – A happy marriage rest on a foundation of unwavering trust. Trust has many facets and angels to it. We believe that there are different types of trust and that a healthy marriage encompasses all of them. We must trust our spouse to be sexually faithful, to be a partner in our finances, to care for our children, to not harm us and to never abandon us. 

Faithfulness – Bring faithful to your marriage works hand in hand with being committed. Faithful is an action word that can be applied to many aspects of a marriage. For our purposes we are applying faithfulness to being emotionally and sexually faithful to our spouse. 

Communication – Communication is the foundation to ALL HEALTHY marriages. Too many marriages end due to a lack of communication. We must communicate about all aspects of our marriage. We must learn proper communicate about our finances, our goals, our children, our fears, our love, our trust, our spirituality….we must learn to communicate about our MARRIAGE! 

Spirituality – It is our belief that the most successful marriages must have a belief in a higher power. Although It Takes 2 Marriage Coaching is not affiliated with a particular religion, church or institution we do believe that marriages should find their foundation in the belief of a higher power. 

Honesty – Honesty is a simple quality that packs the force of integrity behind it. What good is communication if it is not honest communication? What good is being a financial partner if you are not an honest financial partner? Honesty is the highest form of integrity that can be communicated to your spouse. We must be honest in all aspects of our marriages. 

Sex – Sex is a gift that is given to all married couples. There are many facets to sex during your marriage. Sex can vary from physical intercourse to emotional foreplay. The key for marriage is that you are having regular and satisfying sex with your spouse. Sex creates a bond and intimacy between spouses that cannot be replicated by most other things. 

Finances – We have found that couples are afraid to discuss finances with their spouse. Finances as a principal for our focus has less to do with a dollar amount and more to do with the open and honest communication regarding your finances. With more and more marriages ending in divorce due to finances this principal becomes increasingly important to a healthy and happy marriage.