May Day Freebie Sessions

It Takes 2 is more than just a name, in order for ANY relationship to be successful it takes the full commitment from both parties as well as some guidance along the way. For over 4 years, we have helped couples find happiness and extend the marital bliss across 20 states through innovative, cooperative and captivating techniques, sessions and events. One reason for our success is our strategy. As opposed to other counselors and coaches who start couples with a 15-30 minute consultation, we typically start our couples off with a full one hour session to not only get to know each other, but also immediately begin repairing and or building on your relationship. Typically this session is billed at our normal rate, but for this month we are doing something special. The month of May we are offering FREEBIE sessions. Any new couple is eligible for a FREE session between May 1-May 31, 2017. Simply book an appointment date on the calendar below. Also, once you book your FREE session, you will receive a small token of appreciation from us to you. Scroll down to book your appointment.

When is it time for Marriage Coaching

  • When communication has become negative

  • When one or both parties consider or has had an affair

  • When the home becomes “shared space”

  • When you no longer know how to resolve differences

  • When one partner begins to act out negative feelings 

  • When the only resolution appears to be separation

  • When you’re together for the sake of the children 

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The May Day FREEBIES only apply to couples whom have never received individual couples sessions with It Takes 2.  Cancellation must be confirmed by phone within 24 hours of the appointment or you forfeit the opportunity to utilize the May Day FREEBIES in the future.  May Day FREEBIES only apply to May 1-May 31st 2017.   All appointments will be confirmed by phone.